The foundation of the Covidien Implementation Connection program is feedback and shared best practice experience from hundreds of facilities, thousands of clinicians, and millions of patients worldwide. With the support of Medtronic representatives, the information and access to resources provided in this program can help facilitate the implementation process, promote clinical adoption and manage ongoing utilization of your capnography solution.

How it Works

Step 1 - It starts with a leader

Learn how a capnography monitoring ‘champion’ helps to spearhead an effective implementation and promote greater clinical adoption in critical care environments.

Step 2 - It takes a team

To ensure the clinical team is prepared for the implementation, it’s recommended that all critical care clinicians responsible for patient monitoring broaden their knowledge of capnography monitoring. Professional Affairs and Continuing Education offers clinical education and non-clinical education courses. Continuing education credits for nurses and respiratory therapists are available for some courses in the curriculum.

Step 3 - Equipped for success

Download resources and review information to ensure the team is prepared for the capnography solution implementation.

Step 4 - Going live

Access supplemental resources to help support ongoing usage and utility of your capnography solution.

Step 5 - Long term partners

Understand how Medtronic will remain your long-term partner by proactively providing periodic updates with new information and tools.