Capnography Resources for EMS Clinicians

We are committed to offering learning opportunities that meet your educational and training needs. That’s why we provide online courses through our Professional and Clinical Education (PACE) group at no cost — with some specific to EMS clinicians. Several courses are even available with continuing education credits.

One of the key topics offered by PACE is the safe and effective use of capnography. Also, there are specific courses that focus on using Microstream™ capnography monitoring technology in the EMS environment. Check out the programs listed below to help you broaden your clinical expertise and enhance your technical knowledge and skills.

Online Educational Resources

Our PACE website offers more than 100 courses including specific courses created just for EMS clinicians.

Our capnography in EMS video series includes:

We also offer general educational videos on capnography including:

Accredited opportunities for capnography monitoring in EMS training include our HealthStream™* courses:

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Capnography in EMS White Papers

We have several white papers on capnography monitoring available. They include:

Respiratory and Airway Management Technology

The EMS website is a comprehensive site for our respiratory monitoring and airway management technology product portfolio. Many resources are available including videos, white papers, and product information materials.

You can find what you need at

Powered by EMS1, sponsored by Medtronic, is a comprehensive website with capnography-focused information and resources, including videos, clinician testimonials, clinical articles, training and more.

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EMS Virtual Peer-to-Peer Capnography Training

Our PACE team engages clinical speakers dedicated to patient care and educating others on safe and effective use of respiratory monitoring and airway management products. Our EMS Virtual Peer-to-Peer Capnography Training program is designed to provide an interactive forum for you to discuss and exchange information on the use of capnography monitoring in the prehospital setting.

Faculty members review topics that may impact clinical decisions and product choices based on published clinical evidence, economic data, and personal experience. Programs can be held at a local venue or in a training facility or institution.

We’ll work with you to identify training and educational needs related to our technology and patient monitoring solutions. And provide the right resources to fulfill those needs.

Want to speak to a rep about our capnography technology? Contact us.

About the Author

Sarah Gorman is a Respiratory Sales Specialist for Medtronic’s Alternate Site team. Sarah has worked with Microstream™ Capnography for 12 years and currently supports prehospital customers.

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