St. Josefs-Hospital

The St. Josefs-Hospital team successfully implemented Cryoballoon ablation workflow efficiencies that enabled them to double their procedure capacity on each “cryo day” by reducing procedure durations by 33% and lab occupancy time per procedure by 55%.

Today, the average lab occupancy time per procedure is 100 minutes and the team performs an average of six procedures per cryo ablation day, with the capacity to reach up to eight procedures per day.

St. Josefs-Hospital
Beethovenstraße 20
65189 Wiesbaden

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st josefs hospital

Prof. Dr. Joachim Ehrlich leads the Arctic Front™ Procedure Optimisation course at St. Josefs-Hospital.  He is an electrophysiologist and the head cardiologist at the hospital.


Arrival in the evening of Day 1.
Day 2: joint transfer to hospital followed by 3 live cases and discussions.
The event adjourns at 15:30 local time.


Contact your Medtronic representative for further information.


07:20-07:30     Transfer

07:30-08:30     Course overview and background information about the process and                                                     procedural optimisation efforts that were implemented at St. Josefs-                                                   Hospital 
                                  - Breakfast will be served

08:30-08:40     Change into scrubs

08:40-08:50     Best practices for minimising procedure time whilst preserving safety                                                  during an Arctic Front Advance™ Cryoballoon procedure

08:50-09:50     Live Case 1
                                  Participants to shadow the person in their equivalent role (possibility                                                      to ask questions before, during and after the case)

09:50-10:00     Managing turnover and Cryoballoon procedure preparation efficiently

10:00-11:00     Live Case 2
                                  Role shadowing and discussion

11:00-11:10     Managing complications and patient safety post-procedure

11:10-11:45     Cryoballoon publication review (procedure time, reproducibility, cost                                                    of care) 

11:45-12:30     Lunch

12:30-13:00     Q&A

13:00-14:00     Live Case 3
                                  Role shadowing and discussion

14:15-15:00     Discussion: Challenges and limitations associated with shorter                                                                  Cryoballoon procedure times and periprocedural efficiency

15:00-15:30     Conclusion & evaluation

15:30                     Adjourn