BARIAlink, created in 2016 by Dr. Bruno Dillemans, is a web-based knowledge base and participation network of bariatric and metabolic surgery specialists from all over the world.

The primary aim of BARIAlink is to share and discuss at a highly professional level the challenges faced by surgeons in complex cases, innovative surgical procedures and new approaches to bariatric surgery in order to raise the level of surgical excellence in this field.

BARIAlink consists of two actively connected pillars:


The academy is a monthly virtual classroom led by a body of 25 active centers joined by a growing community of passive participants. Any interested center or specialist can attend by signing up and logging in to the online platform. Each session will cover 8 to 10 complex and interesting case studies, submitted by the community and reviewed in advance by a scientific committee.

  • 25 active participating centers worldwide
  • 8 to 10 case studies each month
  • Live, interactive discussion
  • Engagement with an active and welcoming community of bariatric and metabolic surgeons across the globe


All the cases and subjects submitted and discussed at BARIAlink Academy are stored online in the BARIAlink library. Each case is fully documented, including X-rays, videos and, uniquely, longitudinal follow-up information regularly added by the submitting center. This information, along with complete recordings of all BARIAlink academy sessions, as well as a comprehensive directory of all participating centers, is instantly available through the BARIAlink Library, from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Fully documented case studies
  • Screencasts of all BARIAlink Academy sessions
  • Directory of all participating centers
  • Details of upcoming BARIAlink events
  • Instant access to the combined knowledge of the BARIAlink ecosystem


BARIAlink Active Membership

To be considered as an active center, it is necessary for the center to perform a minimum of 150 primary bariatric procedures and 15 revisional bariatric procedures per year. Each active center should submit at least one case per year and should participate in a minimum of 5 BARIAlink virtual classrooms per year.

BARIAlink Passive Membership

BARIAlink library was developed for all bariatric surgeons who would like to continuously update and increase their knowledge on revisional surgery and complication management. 


By attending the virtual classroom, participants will:

  • Gain insights in the safe approach of various complex revisional bariatric & metabolic procedure
  • Participate in interactive case discussions on how to select the best bariatric procedure per patient’s criteria
  • Learn to manage difficult situations and understand how to deal with potential complications
  • Learn to consult the BARIAlink library to listen to discussions and search for specific procedures/patient complications


Virtual classrooms.

More information on how to register can be found on the below link:


Monthly virtual classrooms (1-2 hour sessions).