The aim of this course is to provide a multi-disciplinary interaction between surgeons, endocrinologists and other team members to discuss and gain insights on the best treatment for patients with metabolic disease. 

Participants of this program will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss patient management (preparation and follow-up) with endocrinologists, dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists
  • Discuss different bariatric procedures during live cases with expert faculty
  • Gain insight in on the following topics in bariatric surgery: non-surgical complications, intestinal health, bone health, psychological impact on patient and type 2 diabetes
  • Share best practice techniques on the multi-disciplinary decision process


This program is designed for multi-disciplinary teams that would like to discuss the optimal treatment strategies for patients with metabolic disease. 

The optimal team set up contains a minimum of 1 surgeon, 1 endocrinologist/internal medicine physician, 1 dietitian, 1 physiotherapist and 1 psychologist. 


By attending this course, participants will:

  • Gain insights on the optimal multi-disciplinary treatment options of patients with metabolic disease
  • Learn safe and effective use of laparoscopic staplers, ultrasonic, and advanced bi-polar energy devices using case observations
  • Acquire current knowledge and learn optimal management strategy for each patient
  • Manage difficult scenarios and understand how to address potential complications (surgical and non-surgical)


UZ Leuven Hospital.

Leuven, Belgium.


Arrival on Day 1 in the evening.

Day 2: 

Scientific program and visit of outpatient clinic.

Evening: Scientific discussion and dinner with Faculty. 

Day 3: 

Option 1: Bariatric live cases.

Option 2: Scientific program.

Flight departing earliest at 6 PM from Brussels airport. 


Day 1:

  • Welcome and overview of structure obesity clinic UZ Leuven
  • Role of the endocrinologist in the preparation and follow-up of bariatric surgery
  • Intake procedure and follow-up patient care path
  • Role of the dietitian in preparation and follow-up of bariatric surgery
  • Role of the psychologist in preparation and follow-up of bariatric surgery
  • Role of the physiotherapist in the preparation and follow-up of bariatric surgery
  • Multidisciplinary patient discussion 
  • Visit intake outpatient clinic, clinical trial centre and ward

Day 2:

Option 1: Live surgery – RYGB/ Sleeve Gastrectomy/Revision Surgery.

Option 2: Scientific program.

  • Bone health after bariatric surgery
  • Non-surgical complications of bariatric surgery
  • Intestinal health and bariatric surgery
  • Effects of bariatric surgery on diabetes
  • Psychological effects of bariatric surgery