This learning plan consists of online training and assessment, a two-day practical course with case discussions and hands-on practice in different simulated environments. After the online course and two-day programme, participants return to their centre where they will be proctored on-site by one of our expert faculty until proficiency is reached.

Attendance is limited to small groups of physicians in order to provide each participant the opportunity to meaningfully and actively engage with the faculty.

Participants in this programme will have the opportunity to:

  • Get a clear overview of the steps of TAVI procedure
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the key features of Medtronic Evolut™ TAVI Platform device
  • Discuss and debate on pre-operative imaging and
  • TAVI prosthesis sizing
  • Practise valve loading and deployment, using a mix of simulators and fluoroscopy-based aortic models
  • Discuss TAVI cases during live cases with expert faculty


This course is suited to cardiac surgeons who work at an institution that is already active in the field of TAVI and want to acquire the interventional skills required to perform transfemoral TAVI procedures. Participants must have access to a cath lab and/or a hybrid OR in their institution to complete their training.


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Correctly choose vascular access through precise anatomical and pathological analysis of given patient information
  • Leverage latest imaging techniques in order to identify optimal valve size for a given patient
  • Successfully load and deploy the valve in a simulated environment
  • Describe and list all critical procedure steps for the TAVI procedure
  • Reach proficiency in performing safe and effective TAVI procedures in their centre


View of Heart Center


Heart Centre, University Hospital
Leipzig, Germany,


Wire Skills for surgeons or equivalent.


Arrival Day 1; flight landing latest at 11.00 at Leipzig Airport. Optional lunch at 12.00, training starts at 13.00.

Departure Day 2; flight departing earliest at 17.30 from Leipzig Airport.


Please refer to the COURSE OFFERING iPDF for all dates.



  • Set-up for TAVI
  • Guidewires and catheters associated with TAVI
  • CT-based planning and intraoperative imaging for TAVI
  • Procedural steps for transcatheter procedures, TF approach
  • Presentation on different TF techniques and accesses


  • Key takeaway messages, debrief (round table)
  • Live cases in Hybrid OR and workshops on operating systems and TAVI simulators
  • Wrap-up