Medtronic is a leader in innovative solutions for colorectal  surgery. We partner with recognized experts in Europe to design and deliver educational programs aimed at continuously developing surgeons’ skills for better patient outcomes and drive best practices to tackle your day-to-day surgical challenges.

Our programs are delivered through a blended learning approach with formats such as e-learning, didactic lectures, webinars, interactive discussions, anatomical workshops and surgical observation.

Topics are proficiency based, thereby tailored to surgeons’ experience level from Principle to Advanced, and disease and surgical technique focused.

All medical education events we are organizing will give you the opportunity to learn and practice with our latest enabling and surgical technologies solutions. Highly recognized experts are involved in each training session and will demonstrate these technologies during dedicated anatomical sessions.

To enroll in our medical education program, we offer interested surgeons the opportunity to discuss with their Medtronic representative to help select the appropriate program based on learning objectives and needs.

We hope you enjoy your chosen program and find it useful, fruitful and rewarding.


Training Pathway

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