A Medtronic PCR Seminar is a learning pathway for interventional cardiologists tailored to participant expectations. 

Through a multi–stage approach, a selected group of physicians can participate in lively case-based discussions with peers, share opinions, and benefit from everyone’s experience in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

Experienced and passionate facilitators will help to answer this daily practice question: 

‘‘What is the best management and technical strategy for each patient considering their clinical situation, in light of local experience, and the best available evidence?’’


Interventional cardiologists aiming at undertaking complex procedures.


  • Understand the current knowledge and the optimal management strategy for each patient
  • Learn how to apply the optimal treatment considering the individual’s clinical situation in light of local conditions, and the best available evidence
  • Manage difficult situations and understand how to deal with potential complications


Within Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia


English language or other as defined per course.

Completion of module 1 prior to attendance of module 2.

Possibility to share own cases.



Module 1: ca. 10 mins online

Module 2: 2 days interactive face to face training in a hotel or hospital center

  • Step-by-step reasoning approach
  • Interactive discussions using recorded live cases and live in a box 
  • Debates and sharing views between participants and facilitators 
  • Case review session animated by


Several courses are offered on a monthly basis.


Differs by topic.