Learning in stages

Medtronic Impact is designed to guide healthcare professionals from a starter to an expert level through the following stages:

Learning Path Stages

Tailored, comprehensive, actionable

A tailored, comprehensive and actionable HCP education programme for successful use and implementation of sensor – augmented pump therapy in your diabetes clinic.

Three stages from starter to expert level depending on current knowledge, practices and objectives.

From basic pump therapy settings to optimal SAP use and efficient patient management.

Blended-learning approach with a combination of e-learning modules with knowledge checks, virtual classrooms, in-person training days, team training and on-the-job observation.

Learning Path Stages

what to expect

Blended-learning approach with a mix of different learning formats.

Learning Management System to attend eLearning modules with knowledge checks and Virtual classroom events.

One- to three-day courses for each stage, offered on local, national and/or international level, delvered by diabetologists, endocrinologist and/or diabetes educators experienced on CSII/SAP therapy, supported by Medtronic Diabetes.

Combining theory, practice, interactive workshops and case discussions.

Providing hands-on practice in programming the MiniMedTM SAP system.

Outcomes-based learning with important information about Health Economics and Value Based Healthcare.

Clinic-based peer support/coaching.

More effective implementation of learnings into practice!