This course is designed to provide advanced training and new features of Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring (IONM) for Thyroid Surgery with the application of the NIM™ system.

It features observation in the operating room with a real-time demonstration of IONM set-up and surgical applications during surgeries, hands-on experience with a simulation on the NIM™ system model and application of IONM data in surgical planning with interactive case discussion.


Head & Neck surgeons, general surgeons and endocrine surgeons experienced in using the NIM™ system who are interested in developing or advancing their knowledge and skills in application of advanced features of the system.


At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Cover the application of the advanced features of the NIM™ system in Thyroid Surgery
  • Practice advanced troubleshooting
  • Experience how to interpret and respond to the information and signals provided by the NIM™ system
  • Observe application of IONM data in surgical planning
  • Experience the use of continuous (APS™) IONM with demonstration of the NIM™ system during live (in OR) surgery sessions
  • Practice on the NIM™ system with the use of a simulator
  • NIM NerveTrend™ EMG Reporting 
  • Introduction to APS & NIM Nervassure™ EMG Reporting


Geneva, Switzerland


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