This course is designed to provide key aspects of Intraoperative Nerve monitoring (IONM) for Thyroid Surgery.

It features series of lectures covering fundamentals of intermittent and continuous IONM techniques. It incorporates live case observation with a real-time demonstration of IONM set-up and surgical applications during surgeries and hands-on experience with a simulation on the NIM™ system model.


Head & Neck surgeons, general surgeons and endocrine surgeons with little or limited experience in IONM, who are interested in learning and developing their knowledge and skills in using the NIM™ system for Thyroid Surgery.


At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Cover the basic & key special aspects of Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring in Thyroid Surgery
  • Know how to install and troubleshoot the system
  • Experience how to interpret and respond to the information and signals provided by the NIM system
  • Understand the main steps to preparation for surgery
  • Experience the use of intermittent IONM and continuous (APS™) IONM with demonstration of the NIM™ system during live surgery observation
  • Practice on the NIM™ system


Geneva, Switzerland


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