On-demand eLearning training introduces the EndoflipTM Impedance Planimetry System to diagnose and treat patients suffering from esophageal diseases. The online learning and assessment course covers the following introductory modules:

eLearning module 1: Introduction to EndoflipTM Impedance Planimetry System for diagnosis of motility disorders and presentation of the system and components

eLearning module 2: Presentation of EndoflipTM practical application and procedure steps.

Video library: A series of videos will provide fundamental information on the EndoflipTM system including presentation of different case studies.


For Gastroenterologists, GI Interventional, GI Surgeons and other specialties interested in understanding the diagnosis of Esophageal Diseases thanks to the EndoflipTM Impedance Planimetry System.


By the end of the training, participants will know:

  • What the EndoflipTM System can do and how to use it
  • Clinical data supporting EndoflipTM system



On demand.

Please contact your sales representative to enroll.