Lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) has been proven to improve lung function, quality of life and survival in carefully selected patients. The selection process is the key issue in LVRS and requires an expert team with a multidisciplinary approach. The selection starts with recruiting the right candidate and continues with the assessment of all different types of emphysema morphology. The operation needs several tactical decisions and a rigorous aftercare is essential for good outcome results.

This course intends to offer a practical approach to LVRS to teams who are already performing LVRS or like to implement such a program. The visiting team consists preferably of two thoracic surgeons, one respiratory physician and one anesthetist. They will face an extraordinary schedule with lectures, case presentations and life operations with video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) LVRS.


Maximum of total of four participants. Suitable for thoracic surgeons and/or pulmonologist and/or teams including anesthetists.


A two day practical and theoretical guide to the approach of LVRS procedure, including a course dinner at end of day one.


University Hospital Zurich

Room "Kurszimmer OST" HOER C 12

Rämistrasse 100


Only for thoracic surgeons and or surgical team.


As per agenda below.


On application.


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