The Hospital Universitari Vall d´Hebron (HVH) represents one of the largest academic hospitals in Catalonia and has a catchment area of 800,000 people.

At the centre about 1,400 stroke patients are treated every year by Dr Marc Ribo & Dr Alejandro Tomasello and team. The Stroke Unit has a high-level infrastructure and resources including:

  • 24-hour MRI/CTA and angio suite availability 
  • 24/7 on-call stroke neurologist
  • 24/7 neurosonologist for carotid ultrasound and Transcranial Color-Coded Sonography 

The Stroke centre has a large experience in clinical trials for acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. Per year the department performs a total of 2,400 endovascular and interventional procedures.

Barcelona, located in the North-East part of Spain, is the second most populous municipality of Spain. It is known for being a transport hub, with its busy port, airport, motorway network and high-speed rail line. The city has a rich cultural heritage and many buildings are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


For the Stroke Academy Module 6 (On-site), three participants will be completing their clinical immersion at this center for a duration of 4 days.

Arrival is on the evening prior to the first day.

Departure on day four of the program after 18:00.

For details please download the agenda.

For the Stroke Academy Module 7 (On site), the 15 participants will attend a half day meeting with:

  • Presentations and discussion around health economics
  • Presenting their cases
  • Certification ceremony

Arrival is planned for lunch time.

Departure the following day.


Learners must have completed all modules leading up to this session in order to participate in the clinical immersion.


For available dates, please refer to the course agenda or contact your Medtronic representative.