This educational programme addresses the treatment of adult deformity and covers advanced techniques as pedicle subtraction osteotomy (PSO), navigated thoracic screw placement with powered surgical instrument and iliac fixation. The incidence of the cervical spine in the treatment of deformity patients will also be discussed. The format will include expert’s opinion, lectures debates, and cases presentations. Participants will practice the following advanced surgical techniques:

  • Revision and salvage techniques
  • Navigated thoracic screw fixation with powered surgical instrument
  • PSO
  • Iliac screw fixation  


Surgeons experienced in the treatment of adult deformity conditions who want to strengthen their knowledge and expertise in the treatment of more complex cases and techniques. They should perform between 20-50 deformity cases per year.   


By attending this course, participants will:

  • Reinforce the knowledge and skills to navigate thoracic screw placement with the use of powered surgical instrument
  • Reinforce the knowledge and skills on PSO and on iliac screw fixation (S2AI)
  • Understand the challenges associated with the different types of deformity patients and the factors to take into consideration throughout the decision-making process
  • Be able to select the appropriate solutions and techniques


Barcelona, Spain


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