This event is designed in collaboration with highly recognized experts in the sagittal balance area. During this 2-day course, a comprehensive approach of the sagittal balance concepts will be presented. 

Participants will get the opportunity, through didactic presentations and selected clinical cases, to improve their knowledge and understanding of these concepts. 

This programme is part of the sagittal balance pathway. Participants will be required to take part of an e-learning session prior to the course. The completion of these modules, designed in collaboration with FASTER (Foundation for Advanced Spinal Technologies, Education and Research) will provide them with the basic knowledge that they should have to be able to actively participate during the course. 


Surgeons already exposed to deformity surgeries, who have a limited experience in the treatment of the sagittal balance and who want to know more about these concepts and its applications. 


By attending this course, participants will:

  • Reinforce the knowledge on the sagittal balance including its concepts and applications
  • Participate in group discussions on selected clinical cases
  • Interact with experts in this domain
  • Neurosurgery intraoperative nerve monitoring




Course information