This educational programme covers the treatment of degenerative disc disease,  stenosis, C1/C2 pathologies, occipital fixation, trauma in the cervical spine and focuses on the following techniques:

  • C1/C2 and occipital fixation
  • Lateral mass screw fixation and screw fixation at the thoracic junction
  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)
  • Corpectomy

During plenary and interactive sessions, the participants will discuss patient selection and treatment options. 

Demonstrations of the surgical techniques will be performed during the anatomical workshop. Attendees will get the opportunity to practice all presented techniques under the supervision of experts at the laboratory sessions. 



Surgeons that have expertise in cervical surgeries and are willing to reinforce their knowledge by interacting with experts and peers. 


By attending this course, participants will:

  • Get to know the latest Medtronic technologies and solutions
  • Reinforce the knowledge and skills on treating cervical pathologies
  • Interact with peers and experts


Porto, Portugal


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