Midas Rex™ hands-on workshops (MRHOW) are designed to help surgeons and nurses maximize their skills in using high speed drills by providing a risk-free learning environment. 

Participants work through a series of practical exercises where the emphasis is on bone dissection techniques using powered instruments. Specially prepared animal bone models are used throughout for the hands-on sessions.


The training is intended for neurosurgeons, nurses and spine surgeons interested in developing or improving their skills on the use of high-speed, powered drills (navigated and non-navigated) for their surgical interventions.


By attending this course, participants will.

  • Demonstrate the main functions and features of the integrated power console (IPC)
  • Be able to state relevant surgical procedures and identify the respective attachments that can be used as well as being able to suggest the associated dissecting tool
  • Be able to assemble and use Midas Rex™ drills on real bone models simulating the real procedures


Tolochenaz, Switzerland

40 minutes’ drive from Geneva Airport