Healthy Heart For All

Healthy Heart For All (HHFA) is an innovative and integrated program that makes advanced cardiac care therapies available to everyone.. Research shows that the key barriers to getting the right treatment include lack of affordability, awareness, and appropriate diagnostic facilities. HHFA, an India Medtronic initiative, tries to address all these challenges in an integrated manner by providing financial assistance through third party financing to implant heart devices such as stents, pacemakers, ICDs and CRT-P, heart valves, and aortic grafts by partnering with hospitals.

One of patients’ key barriers to receiving quality treatment in India is their lack of ability to arrange for funds or afford the upfront treatment cost. As part of the HHFA program, India Medtronic has introduced a financing option through third party financing to help qualified families and needy patients get the device by paying as low as 15% of the cost and the rest through equated monthly instalments over a period of time. This helps in covering the cost of devices required for the treatment.

Another significant challenge is being correctly diagnosed for the disease. Symptoms such as sudden fainting, dizziness, breathlessness, and chest pain are either ignored or confused with neurological or gastric disorders. HHFA introduces patients and caregivers to various cardiac conditions and its management. Free patient cardiac checkup camps and ECG checkups are organized on a regular basis in association with physicians. Additionally, dedicated patient counselors work closely with patients and physicians to ensure patients overcome any barriers to receiving appropriate care.

HHFA, through its direct-to-patient activities, tries to sensitize patients to identify cardiac disease symptoms in the initial stages.

Facts about HHFA

  • HHFA launched in Durgapur in September 2010
  • Currently present in over 30 cities in partnership with over 120 hospitals
  • Over 1450 camps conducted
  • Over 175,000 patients screened
  • Over 91,000 patients counseled
  • Over 15,200 patients adopted therapy
  • 1600 physicians trained
  • Over 700 loans disbursed through third party