"It completely changed my life."

An insulin pump gave Shobhit his lifestyle and freedom back 

Shobhit Gupta, a 24 year old gentleman from Mumbai works as a Business Consultant in a reputed firm. Six years back, while he was studying engineering at IIT-Bombay, Shobhit was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Since he had his engineering examinations round the corner, Shobhit delayed his treatment. However, this delay resulted in him losing almost around 17 kgs of weight with a few black-out episodes. Later, when he was admitted to the hospital, his sugar readings were diagnosed to be as high as 600 +. After the diagnosis, Shobhit experienced certain constraints in carrying out his routine activities. Initially, Shobhit started with tablets and a couple of injections daily. These were giving him decent results until soon they became ineffective and soon enough, he could rely only on 4-5 insulin injections each day to maintain a reasonable blood sugar level. However, injecting insulin every three-four hours started getting difficult and uncomfortable for Shobhit as every time he had to do so, he had to look for a private place away from the public eyes to save himself from the many irritating questions that could come from his friends.

While in IIT-Bombay, Shobhit used to participate in many extra-curricular activities which many a times resulted in erratic eating patterns. This resulted in him getting into frequent hypoglycemic episodes where his sugar levels would fall down way below normal. To tackle this situation smartly without compromising or changing his existing lifestyle, his doctor recommended him to use an insulin pump.

The continuous insulin delivery, gave him freedom and flexibility along with a better control on his sugar levels allowing him to live life with fewer restrictions than before. With the insulin pump, he is able to regulate the dosage as per his body’s requirement and can easily adjust the insulin dosage to his own timings. With the basal feature in the pump, the extreme ups and downs in his blood sugar levels have almost gone down. He engages in all the physical activities like working out at the gym or cycling, without worrying about his sugar levels.

“The mechanism of continuous insulin delivery gave me better control over diabetes, without changing my lifestyle! I have experienced the benefits myself and it is really the best therapy around. ” says Shobhit

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