Mrs. Sunita Patil

Heart Attack

" I feel lucky."

Timely financial assistance helped save Mrs. Sunita Patil's life from a heart attack

52 year old Sunita Patil lived with her husband and two children in a small suburb of Mumbai. Her husband Vasant, an auto rickshaw driver, and the only earning member of the family, worked hard all day to fulfill the needs of their family. But inspite of all the adversities, they lived a contented life together, keeping their spirits high and dealing with all the challenges and joys happily.

However, on the 14th of February 2012, their lives took a dramatic twist. Sunita suddenly felt severe pain in her chest. Little did she know then that this sudden onset of chest pain would later turn out to be a matter of concern for their family .Ironically, there were no other visible symptoms that could indicate any impending mishap, so she assumed it to be one of those severe acidity episodes. Sunita took some home remedies to get over this sudden burning sensation, but it was all in vain. In fact, with each passing moment she could feel the chest pain getting even more aggravated. When the pain persisted, her husband took her to their family physician. Looking at her symptoms he asked them to get certain tests done. Sunita’s reports disclosed that she had suffered a massive heart attack and was advised for an angioplasty on an immediate basis to prevent further damage

This medical emergency came as a shock to the family. They all felt helpless, thinking of ways and means of arranging the funds required for the procedure. Vasant even thought of selling or mortgaging their gold jewelry but that would have taken long. This is when the counselor at the hospital explained the financial assistance provided by Medtronic through third party financing arrangements under the “Healthy Heart for All” (HHFA) program. Within the next three days, she had the life-saving drug eluting stent implanted and now she is living a very comfortable life.

“The HHFA finance scheme took a big burden off from our shoulders and made this procedure possible for me. I feel lucky to have come across this Medtronic initiative at the right time and feel very grateful to them for giving me a new life. The device has given me a new lease of life and I am thankful to have received this therapy that allows me to live a happier, fuller life.” said Sunita.

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