COVID-19 Our Team on a Mission in Indian Subcontinent


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Virtual Training Alliance (VTA) Application Launched 

Medtronic partners with other leading ventilator manufacturers to launch the Virtual Training Alliance (VTA) Application.

The VTA app – powered by learning and readiness platform provider Allego – connects respiratory therapists, nurses and other medical professionals with ventilator training resources from alliance member companies, including instructional how-to videos, manuals, troubleshooting guides, and other ventilator-operation expertise critical to helping responders treat patients suffering from COVID-19-related respiratory distress.

COVID-19: Helping the Heroes




Our employees continue to deliver on their commitment of serving patient's needs despite the challenges. We have heroic stories of employees who have shown immense resilience, grit and determination in serving our patients and truly living the Medtronic mission.

Saving 7-year-old's life against all odds


Divyansh extends full support to help save the life of 7-year-old patient

A 7-year-old girl in Kolkata, India was diagnosed with congenital brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and was experiencing seizures and headaches.  The treatment needed Onyx™ embolization therapy.  Our team member Divyansh supported the doctor in critical case planning and was present in both the surgical procedures despite the country being on a complete COVID-19 lockdown situation.

' I am proud to be associated with Medtronic for its strong mission that keeps patients at the center of everything that they do. I am humbled by this experience and really happy that I was able to contribute to saving someone’s life’ -says Divyansh


65-year-old Heart Patient Receives therapy in the nick of  time

Saptarshi supports the implant of pacemaker tackling all hurdles

When a 65-year-old patient in Kolkata was admitted with symptoms, our team member Saptarshi knew that he had to keep the Mission alive. In spite of lockdown limitations, he worked relentlessly to arrange for the programmer and pacemaker within a few hours and was able to provide the device and support the implant on time. The appreciation messages he received from the patient and doctor were immensely gratifying.

' The experience was quite challenging but I feel really satisfied that I could contribute to human welfare & live up to the Medtronic Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life' says Saptarshi


We are proud of you for keeping the patients' needs above everything. For navigating restriction hurdles to deliver the supply order for the waiting patients in urgent need.                                           

Deepak Bathija
Account Manager, Diabetes, Indian Subcontinent                                                                              


Deepak Bathija  Thank You Image


We are proud of you for keeping patients' needs above everything. For arranging an overnight delivery of critical life-saving equipment for the COVID-19 isolation unit at a Mumbai hospital. 

Vijay Singh
Regional Manager, MITG, Indian Subcontinent                                      


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