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Medtronic offers a suite of Professional Education Programs for our Arctic Front Cardiac CryoAblation System. The programs are designed to educate electrophysiologists on how to use our ablation technologies successfully in their practices. Mandatory training attendance is required prior to use of the Arctic Front system.

The comprehensive professional education programs consist of live-case observation and didactic presentations. The programs are structured to facilitate close peer-to-peer interaction between the attendees and the faculty.

The main objective is to ensure an interactive and engaging experience between the attendees and the faculty. This interaction should help the attendees:

  • Understand how to apply the technology safely and effectively
  • Observe optimal use and learn best practices
  • Gain technology and procedural familiarity

Additional information is available on Medtronic Academy (log-in required). You may also contact your local Medtronic sales representative for more information.