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Education and Training

Coding, Coverage, and Reimbursement Resources

As a service to our customers, we provide resources to assist with coding, coverage, and reimbursement for tachycardia therapies.

You will find some of these tools available for download on this site, or you may contact us for more information:

(866) 877-4102 option 1


Patient Management with the Medtronic CareLink Network

Energy Efficiency, Easy Handling, and Trusted Reliability

Sprint Quattro® ICD defibrillator leads define the standard for exceptional performance.*

Subcutaneous lead systems offer improved SQ design and implant technique for low DFTs, enhanced procedures, and high success in complex cases.

Transatrial leads are available for those patients requiring transatrial procedures.

Important Safety Information

Surgical complications, such as cardiac perforation, may occur and care must be taken when placing and positioning a cardiac lead.

* Medtronic CRDM Product Performance Report 2010. First Edition, Issue 62.