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Other Medtronic ICDs

Other Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators

The Medtronic commitment to providing the latest arrhythmia management technology is evident through a look at its past devices. Each implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) has increased the value of device therapy by providing higher output, decreased size, improved patient management, enhanced detection, and greater longevity.

Other ICDs from Medtronic include:

  • Virtuoso II DR/VR
  • Virtuoso DR/VR
  • Entrust™ DR/VR
  • Intrinsic™ DR
  • Maximo™ II DR/VR
  • Maximo™ DR/VR
  • Marquis® DR/VR
  • GEM® II DR
  • GEM® II VR
  • GEM® DR
  • GEM®
  • Jewel® AF
  • Micro Jewel™ II 7223Cx
  • Micro Jewel™ 7221Cx
  • Jewel Plus® Active Can® 7220C
  • Jewel® Active Can® 7219C
  • Jewel® 7219D
  • PCD® Model 7217B
  • PCD® Model 7216A

For technical information on specifications and instructions for use, please refer to the product manuals available in the Medtronic Manual Library.

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