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Maximo II DR and VR

ICD Defibrillators

Maximo II DR and VR ICD Defibrillators

Maximo II® DR and VR ICD defibrillators for tachycardia therapy are part of the Vision 3D™ Portfolio and offer wireless remote cardiac telemetry via the Medtronic CareLink® Network.

Vision 3D Fundamentals


Vision 3D™ Fundamentals are the foundation of the Vision 3D Portfolio, a comprehensive family of ICD defibrillators and biventricular devices to meet your individual patient's therapy goals.

Vision 3D Fundamentals

Vision 3D™ Portfolio

Vision 3D Fundamentals include:

  • Proven cardioverter shock reduction and atrial therapy1
  • Dual chamber managed ventricular pacing2
  • Industry-leading diagnostics and reporting such as Cardiac Compass®
  • Medtronic Conexus® wireless remote cardiac telemetry, part of Medtronic CareLink® Network
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How it Works

Maximo II ICD Defibrillators – Proven Solutions for Tachycardia Therapy

Wireless remote cardiac telemetry and tachycardia therapy exclusives:

Timely, Efficient Follow-up With Wireless Remote Cardiac Telemetry

The same in-depth device information as an office visit:


Important Safety Information

Changes in a patient's disease and/or medications may alter the efficacy of a device's programmed parameters or related features.

Programmable Options Provide Noninvasive Solutions for Complex Cases

  • Choose a different vector to resolve sensing issues that may lead to unnecessary cardioverter shocks using programmable RV sensing
  • Avoid surgical intervention and enhance safety for your patients with high DFTs using Programmable SVC and Active Can®

Programmable SVC coil helps manage high DFT patients.

Programming flexibility reduces risks for patients.




Wathen MS, DeGroot PJ, Sweeny MO, et al, for the PainFREE Rx II Investigators. Prospective randomized multicenter trial of empirical antitachycardia pacing versus shocks for spontaneous rapid ventricular tachycardia in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators: Pacing Fast Ventricular Tachycardia Reduces Shock Therapies (PainFREE Rx II) trial results. Circulation. October 26, 2004;110(17):2591-2596.


Gillis AM, Pürerfellner H, Israel CW, et al. Reduction of unnecessary ventricular pacing due to the Managed Ventricular Pacing (MVP) mode in pacemaker patients: benefit for both sinus node disease (SND) and AV block (AVB) indications. Heart Rhythm. 2005;Abstract AB-21.