Available Options for Remote Monitoring Managing Your Patients

MyCareLink Smart Patient Monitor

Image of MyCareLink Smart patient monitor

Our newest remote monitor is the MyCareLink Smart™ monitor for pacemaker patients, including CRT-P. This is the first app-based monitor that uses a patient's own smart technology to send device data to your clinic.

It combines a hand-held Reader that communicates to a patient’s smartphone or tablet via a free downloadable app, which is available on the Apple® App Store or the Google™ Play Store.


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  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Easy to use
  • Portable

The MyCareLink Smart monitor is a convenient way for patients to send device data to your clinic from almost anywhere in the world — as long as there is a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Clinicians talk about the importance of remote monitoring and MyCareLink Smart monitor 

These clinicians share their experiences with remote monitoring and MyCareLink Smart Patient Monitor – the first app-based remote monitoring system for pacemaker patients, including CRT-P.
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MyCareLink Patient Monitor

Image of myCarelink patient monitor

The MyCareLink™ patient monitor is another remote monitoring option. Available for all high power and low power patients, the monitor is easy to use.

  • An LCD screen with visual feedback provides step-by-step instructions and confirmation when a transmission has been sent.
  • The patient simply plugs the monitor into a power source, and ensures it is in a location that receives an adequate cellular signal.
  • Integrated global cellular technology makes connecting easy from almost anywhere in the world — as long as the monitor is plugged in and in range of the implanted device.


MyCare Link Heart Mobile App

Patients with Medtronic pacemakers and CRT-P devices with Bluetooth® wireless telemetry can download this app for free. The app can be used to automatically send heart device information to your clinic on a scheduled basis or anytime your doctor requests device information from you. The information can be sent wherever you go. (Cellular and Wi-Fi service availability applies.). Download the PDF guide.


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