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External Pacemakers

External Pacemakers

Medtronic external pacemakers are intended for use with a cardiac pacing lead system for temporary single or dual chamber pacing in a clinical environment.

Medtronic Single and Dual Chamber Temporary Pacemakers

Model 5392 Dual Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

Model 5392

The dual chamber model 5392 is the next generation temporary pacemaker with both single and dual chamber pacing capability. It has enhanced user interface with improved visibility and increased responsiveness. It also features an improved low battery indicator.

Model 5392 Features

  • Single and dual chamber pacing capability
  • Simplified device set up and use
  • Improved low battery indicator
  • Extended operating time during battery change
  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage
  • Enhanced user interface with improved visibility and increased responsiveness
  • Added security of battery latching mechanism and IV hook
  • Elimination of temporary heart wire connectors and side bails
  • Meets new government standards - RoHS and 60601-1 (3rd edition)

Model 5391

Model 5391 Single Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

The single-chamber model is defined by its light weight, ease of operation, durability, and dependability. It is intended for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing and supports synchronous (VVI, AAI) and asynchronous (VOO, AOO) operating modes.

  • Constant voltage output
  • Basic pacing rate to 180 ppm
  • Rapid atrial pacing at times 2 and times 4 of the basic rate up to 720 ppm
  • Audible tone for sensitivity
  • Easy set-up of pacing parameters by ergonomically designed dials
  • Protective cover to safeguard against accidental changes to settings
  • Long battery lifetime: up to 38 days of operation with a single 9 V Alkaline battery
  • Audible warning tone for low battery, including low battery indicator
  • Pacing run-away protection feature
  • Patient cable system featuring patented connector with protected pins for convenient, reliable, electrical connections to increase patient safety
  • Standard 1-year limited warranty

Model 5348

Model 5348 Single Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

This single chamber temporary pacemaker is applicable when such pacing modes are indicated for therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic purposes:

  • Rapid atrial pacing to manage atrial flutter
  • Safety awareness ranges to alert clinician to areas of caution
  • Sensitivity range (0.5 to 20 mV)
  • Reversible battery polarity for quick battery changes
  • Safe patient cable system for patient safety

Model 5388

Model 5388 Dual Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

The dual chamber model can be used where short-term demand (synchronous) or asynchronous pacing is indicated for therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic purposes:

  • Just 3 dials provide simple and effective dual chamber temporary pacing
  • Changing the pacing rate automatically adjusts other dual chamber temporary pacing parameters
  • Additional therapy options are available
  • The device paces up to 200 ppm
  • Ventricular output to 25 mA for high stimulation thresholds
  • Rapid atrial pacing rate up to 800 ppm for managing atrial tachyarrhythmias

Temporary Transvenous Pacing Lead – Model 6416

This temporary transvenous lead system features an active fixation, bipolar lead and a soft-tipped, lubricated guide catheter. The system is designed for temporary intracardiac pacing and/or EGM recording. It is disposable for single patient use with an intended implant duration of 7 days or less.

Important Safety Information

Changes in a patient's disease and/or medications may alter the efficacy of a device's programmed parameters or related features.

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Model 5392 Dual Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

Basic Pacing Rates30-200 ppm
Upper Rate80-230 ppm
Rapid Atrial Pacing Rates80-800 ppm
Output AmplitudeAtrial: 0.1-20 mAVentricular: 0.1-25 mA
Pulse WidthAtrial: 1.0 msVentricular: 1.5 ms
SensitivityAtrial: 0.4-10 mVVentricular: 0.8-20 mV
A-V intervalPaced A-V (PAV):
50-250 Auto
200-300 Manual
Sensed A-V (SAV):
Refractory PeriodAtrial: 150-500 ms (PVARP)
Atrial Refractory after an Atrial
event is equal to the AV interval
Ventricular: NA
Ventricular BlankingPace: 200 msSense: 120 ms
Height20.3 cm (8.0 in)
Width8.6 cm (3.375 in)
Depth4.45 cm (1.75 in)
Weight680 g (24 ounces)
Battery TypeTwo IEC type LR6-sized (AA-sized) 1.5 V alkaline batteries (Duracell MN1500, Eveready E91 or equivalent)
Battery Life9 days typical, 7 days minimum

Model 5391 Single Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

VVI (AAI) without acoustic signal
VVI (AAI) with acoustic signal
Pacing Rate30 … 180 ppm
Atrial Overdrive Pacing (RAP)x2: 60 … 360 ppm;
x4: 120 … 720 ppm
Note: X2 and X4 is using
the mode switch on the 5391 for
Rapid Atrial Pacing
Output Amplitude0.3 … 12 V ± 5%
Pulse Width0.75 ms ± 0.02 ms
Sensitivity1 … 20 mV, Async
Refractory250 ms
Dimensions60 mm x 115 mm x 20 mm
(2.3” x 4.5” x 0.8”)
Battery TypeStandard 9 V, Alkaline or Lithium
Weight (including battery)185 g (6.5 oz.)
Connector CompatibilityAccepts standard connector pins with diameters ranging from 0.9 to 2.0 mm. Accepts all standard myocardial heart wires and temporary pacing leads for direct connection or through temporary extension cable 53912 is.
Arm Strap Length45 cm (17.7”)

Model 5348 Single Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

Rate:30-180 ppm, continuously adjustable
Rapid Atrial Pacing Rate80-380 ppm
(5 ppm increments)
380-540 ppm
(10 ppm increments)
540-800 ppm
(20 ppm increments)
Output Amplitude0.1-20 mA, continuously adjustable
Pulse Width1.8 ms
Sensitivity 0.5-20 mV, continuously adjustable, ASYNC
Refractory250 ms
BlankingPace: 125 ms
Sense: 75 ms
Dimensions18.8 x 6.1 x 4.1 cm (7.4 x 2.4 x1.6 in.)
283 g (10 oz.) with battery
Battery TypeStandard 9 V, Alkaline or Lithium
Battery LifeAlkaline: 300 hours
Lithium: 650 hours

Model 5388 Dual Chamber Temporary Pacemaker

Base Pacing Rate30-200 ppm
Upper Rate80-230 ppm
Rapid Atrial
Pacing Rate
80-800 ppm
Output AmplitudeAtrial: 0.1-20 mA
Ventricular: 0.1-25 mA
Pulse Width Atrial: 1.0 ms
Ventricular: 1.5 ms
SensitivityAtrial: 0.4-10 mV, async.
Ventricular: 0.8-20 mV, async.
A-V Interval20-300 ms
Refractory PeriodAtrial: 150-500 ms
Ventricular: 250 ms
Ventricular Blanking Pace: 125 ms
Sense: 75 ms
Dimensions 21.1 x 8.1 x 3.6 cm (8.3 x 3.2 x 1.4 in.)
510 g (18 oz.) with battery
Battery TypeStandard 9 V, Alkaline or Lithium
Battery LifeAlkaline: 9 days typical
Lithium: 16 days typical
Rate 80 ppm80 ppm or current setting
Output Amplitude

10 mA
10 mA

20 mA
25 mA
Pulse Width

1.0 s
1.5 ms

1.0 ms
1.5 ms

0.5 mV
2.0 mV

A-V Interval

140 ms
170 ms

170 ms
PVARP300 ms
Upper Rate 110 ppm
Rapid Atrial Pacing Rate 320 ppm

Model 6416 Temporary Transvenous Pacing Lead Specifications (Nominal)

FixationActive, screw-in
Guide Catheter

100, 140, 200 cm
40, 60, 90 cm
Guide Catheter

3.5 Fr. (1.1 mm, 0.044 in.)
6 Fr. outer
5 Fr. inner

Two right turns
0.8 mm (0.032 in.)
0.9 mm (0.035 in.)
Tip Electrode (includes helix)
Surface Area

4.3 mm2
Ring Electrode
Surface Area

17 mm2
Tip-Ring Spacing Connector 1 cm (0.39 in.)
Bifurcated, pull-through
short arm = positive
long arm = negative
Lead Material
Conductor:Stainless steel
Insulation: Polyethylene and FEP
Helix: Stainless steel
Catheter Material Pebax®
Lead Resistance
100-cm lead
Inner wire (tip)
Outer wire (ring)

55 Ω maximum
33 maximum
140-cm lead
Inner wire (tip)
Outer wire (ring)

75 Ω maximum
45 Ω maximum
200-cm lead
Inner wire (tip)
Outer wire (ring)

105 Ω maximum
63 Ω maximum
Recommended revolutions to extend helix:
100-cm lead
14-cm lead
200-cm lead

2-3 revolutions
3-4 revolutions
4-5 revolutions
Model NumberGuide Catheter French Size (Fr)Guide Catheter Length (cm)Lead French Size (Fr)Lead Length (cm) Tip Electrode (mm2)
Single Pack
Five Pack