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Sentrant Introducer Sheath

EVAR and TEVAR Procedures


Achieve superior seal and tracking in straightforward and complex anatomies with the Sentrant™ introducer sheath.*


The Medtronic Sentrant™ Introducer Sheaths with Hydrophilic Coating are intended to provide a conduit for the insertion of diagnostic or endovascular devices into the vasculature and to minimize blood loss associated with such insertions.

Product Details

Superior Hemostasis

  • Optimal seal* versus Cook Check-Flo™* Performer™* introducer and Gore DrySeal™* sheath

Enhanced Tracking

  • Hydrophilic coating for easier tracking through tortuous and calcified iliacs
  • Reinforced coiled tubing for improved kink resistance

Procedural Confidence

  • Radiopaque marker for easy visibility
  • Locking mechanism to secure dilator in position


Sentrant Introducer Sheath Features
The Sentrant introducer sheath is the choice for superior hemostasis and trackability.

  1. Radiopaque marker band
  2. Working length: 28 cm
  3. Hydrophilic coating
  4. Reinforced coiled tubing
  5. Dilator locking mechanism
  6. Guidewire diameter: 0.035" / 0.89 mm
Sentrant Introducer Sheath Design

Leak Resistance versus Cook Check-Flo Performer introducer and Gore DrySeal sheath

Comparison of leak resistance for the Medtronic Sentrant introducer sheath, Cook Check-Flo Performer introducer, and Gore DrySeal sheath.* The Sentrant introducer sheath had zero leakage on 0.035" / 0.89 mm guidewire.

Leak Resistance

Manuals and Technical Guides

Instructions for Use
Find this technical manual in the Medtronic Manual Library, in the product labeling supplied with each device, or by calling 877-526-7890.


Ordering Information

Model Number Sheath
SENSH1228W 12 28
SENSH1428W 14 28
SENSH1628W 16 28
SENSH1828W 18 28
SENSH2028W 20 28
SENSH2228W 22 28
SENSH2428W 24 28
SENSH2628W 26 28

Bench test data on file at Medtronic. Data only valid on Sentrant™ Introducer Sheath sterilized via irradiation. Test data not indicative of clinical performance. Bench Test compared Cook Check-Flo™* Performer™* Introducer Sheath and Gore DrySeal™* Introducer Sheath 12F and 18F to Sentrant Introducer Sheath 12F and 18F sterilized via irradiation.

™* Third party brands are trademarks of their respective owners.