NEUROSURGERY PLANNING StealthStation Surgical Navigation System

StealthStation™ cranial planning solutions allow you to view and manipulate patient images and plan procedures before entering the OR.



  • Use the same interface and workflow as the StealthStation™ S8 navigation system and StealthViz™ applications
  • Review and merge scans; plan trajectories; and build models for tumor, shunt, or biopsy procedures
  • Develop plans and view frame coordinates for stereotactic frame-based and DBS lead placement procedures
  • Prepare DTI tractography using the StealthViz™ application

StealthStation S8 Planning Station
Access StealthStation software outside the OR on a standalone computer with a small footprint that takes up minimal space in your hospital environment.

StealthStation Planning Station


  • Large, 27-inch, high-definition, touchscreen monitor for clear, high-resolution visualization of exams
  • Powerful computer for fast rendering of advanced 3-D models
  • Fast access and ample space for storing large patient examinations on the one terabyte solid-state drive
  • Customized security: user authentication, encryption, and antivirus protection

StealthStation Planning Station Monitor 
Use touch gestures like pinch and zoom on the high-definition, touchscreen monitor of the StealthStation planning station.

Monitor of StealthStation Planning Station

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Streamline processing and viewing of advanced images using StealthViz™ with StealthDTI™, a powerful 2-D/3-D surgical planning application to:

  • Explore various surgical scenarios with advanced visualization and extract pertinent information
  • Plan and prepare the data for use in surgery
  • Navigate in the operating room with StealthStation™ system

You can:

  • Import multi-modality DICOM scans, including MRA, CTA, fMRI, PET, and MEG
  • Visualize in 2-D and with sophisticated, fast 3-D volume renderings
  • Fuse multi-modality images via StealthMerge™ software
  • Segment critical anatomical structures with manual and semi-automatic tools
  • Prepare fMRI activation maps for display in a StealthStation system as 3-D objects
  • Explore and plan prior to entering the operating room
  • Export results to a PACS or StealthStation™ system for use in neurosurgery

StealthViz Software
StealthVizTM software transforms complex data into useful information for planning and navigating procedures.

StealthViz Software

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STEALTHCONNECT product diagram

STEALTHCONNECT is a web application for remote use of the StealthStation cranial planning software.

STEALTHCONNECT designed for global cybersecurity and privacy compliance including HIPAA/ HITECH in the United States and the European Data Protection Directives. The modern HTML5-based, zero-footprint web application requires no software installation or setup. Up to five users can simultaneously view and plan procedures for separate patients .


  • Work anywhere, anytime through secure remote access to your hospital's dedicated server
  • Collaborate with colleagues online ― all interacting with the software ― with patient data anonymized to protect patient privacy
  • Review the work of others simultaneously or sequentially


  • View and merge scans to confirm their adequacy; plan trajectories; and build 3-D models for tumor resection, ventricular catheter placement, or biopsy procedures
  • Plan your stereotactic frame-based procedures and DBS lead placement with a range of techniques (frame-based, Nexframe™, or STarFix™)
  • Counsel patients and their families interactively using any computer, empowering them with information about their specific situation and care options


  • Work more effectively in more places because the sophisticated client-server communication technology lowers the required bandwidth
  • Consider the available connection speed to optimize your experience by controlling the image quality desired
  • Don't wait for scans to download to your local computer — all interactions are streamed on demand
  • Move DICOM scans to the server several ways: push directly from any scanner or DICOM workstation, query/retrieve to pull scans from PACS, or upload from a disk or USB.
  • Easily transfer any work you've created off the server back to PACS or directly to a StealthStation since all work is saved in DICOM format

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