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Aquamantys System

and Bipolar Sealers

Surgical Applications


Treating Muscle Bleeding with the Aquamantys System


In spinal procedures, muscle bleeding can range from minor sub-clinical bleeding to clinically relevant bleeding that may lead to a need for transfusion. Excessive bleeding may also contribute to adverse events such as infections and longer lengths of stay, both of which impact the overall clinical success of the surgery. Aquamantys® 6.0MBS2.3, and SBS 5.0 bipolar sealers are designed to prevent and stop the muscle bleeding that is encountered during various spine procedures.

Treating Epidural Bleeding with the Aquamantys System


A common source of bleeding in spinal procedures comes from the various epidural veins that are encountered during the course of surgery. While epidural bleeding rarely results in the need for a transfusion, it may contribute to certain intraoperative consequences. These include compromised visibility and increased surgical time, which can lead to increased exposure to anesthesia for the patient. Aquamantys® EVSMini EVS 3.4, and SBS 5.0 bipolar sealers are designed to compress and seal epidural veins to prevent and/or treat this bleeding.