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Across Medtronic, our employees contribute to our Mission. And that goes for our people in the Netherlands as well.
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Our employees in Finance

Read the stories of our people in Finance.

Our Finance people

Our people from Information Technology

Meet employees from our IT department.

Stories of our IT people

Our people in Supply Chain & Customer Care

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Supply Chain & Customer Care.

Our SC & CC people

Our employees in Sales

Meet people from our Sales organization.

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Our employees from the Bakken Research Center

Read the stories of our BRC colleagues in Maastricht.

Stories of our BRC people
Leo Kretzers, General Manager Bakken Research Center

Our people from Cardiac Surgery Operations

Meet people from our Cardiac Surgery Operations facility in Kerkrade.

Stories from our employees in Kerkrade

Our employees from Quality Assurance &
Regulatory Affairs

Read the stories from people in our QA & RA organization.

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Our employees in Human Resources

Meet people from our HR department.

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Our employees in Diabetes

Read the stories of our people in Diabetes.

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