CHRISTEL Opportunity Management Specialist


"Never ever forget to remember what is best for the patient."

Christel is happily married to Guy, mother of Aurélie and currently expecting a little baby boy. Although Christel has been enjoying working for Medtronic for already 11 years, she is really looking forward to her maternity leave and spending her time with her family.

Christel about her position at Medtronic

I am working for MiniMed Care Diabetes, currently combining my job within the Opportunity Management team with a role as a privacy specialist for Diabetes Netherlands. Within Opportunity Management, we serve different kinds of customers: health insurance companies, our sales team (our internal customers), wholesalers, hospitals and, last but not least, patients. Together, we take care of the entire customer pathway, from the minute he/she gets interested in the Medtronic diabetes-related product until he/she stops using it. Next to that, I work together with our Data Protection Policy (DP3) team in keeping our processes GDPR-proof (General Data Protection Regulation) and keeping privacy awareness at a certain level within Diabetes.

Christel's education and career path

I started with Medtronic right after graduating from Hogeschool Zuyd as a Bachelor of Commerce and worked within the customer service department for several businesses. After 3 years, I moved to sales Diabetes. Last year, I finished my education in Amsterdam to become a certified data privacy officer and started to work as a privacy specialist for Diabetes one day a week.

Most challenging in my current role

The biggest challenge is to keep the right balance between sales and privacy. Within sales, we always want to reach our targets. However, we need to take into account the restrictions following the GDPR regulation. It remains an enormous challenge to serve our patients in the best and safest way possible without jeopardizing our sales targets.

What I like most in my current job

Within Diabetes, the Medtronic mission is carried out prominently. Yes, we want to reach our sales targets, but we never ever forget to remember what is best for the patient. Since there is a short line to our patients in our day-to-day job, we are always remembered what our mission is all about. This is still a great motivation for me to work for Medtronic.

What I like about working for Medtronic

The social goal that is behind every task we have in our jobs. The products we are selling change lives. Every product that leaves our company, results in a patient story. We want those stories to turn out in the best possible way, which is a great motivation. Next to that, Medtronic is a great employer, offering well-arranged working conditions and future possibilities, also for working mothers!

In my job, it is not hard to contribute to our mission. We talk to our patients every day and we try to serve them in the best possible way. We never forget that we contribute to their quality of life. Next to that, I guard their privacy and in that role, I do my utmost to motivate everyone around me to do the same.

What ‘Further, Together’ means to me

Further, Together has two different meanings for me. Firstly, we cannot do our job well if we do not work together. Not only as a team, but across businesses, across teams and with every necessary discipline by our side. We cannot sell an insulin pump if our supply chain has not ordered the product, our health insurance companies do not know our product, if our legal department does not define the right terms for delivery, our research and development colleagues do not provide a correct and reliable product manual, etcetera.

Secondly, our job does not stop once the pump is delivered. We need to take our customers by the hand to lead them through their lives with a Medtronic product. We need to help them in case of an emergency. We need their input, feedback about our product, to develop an even better version in the future and to grow as a company. Further, Together as Medtronic employees, and Further, Together with our patients, that’s the spirit!

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

Wow, I could name quite a few. But most memorable was my participation in a summer sales meeting together with all sales teams from Central and Eastern Europe, Greece and Israel (CEEGI). This meeting was about sales strategies, expected product launches, future expectations, and challenges and ambitions were shared. I met so many interesting people and I felt incredibly proud to be part of Medtronic when the teams shared their interpretation of our Medtronic Mission.

However, I will also never forget a Greek patient of 94 years old who needed CoreValve implant surgery. Within 5 hours after the emergency request reached my mailbox, we had an on-board courier deliver the valve in time. At that time, I just started working for customer service for our Structural Heart business. Receiving the message one day later that the life of this person of such a high age was saved, filled our whole team with joy. During my Medtronic career, I have often been brought to tears by patient stories, charity programs in which Medtronic participated, product launches and clinical breakthroughs, and I still am every now and then. Love it!