Remote Sales Representative

Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales

"Moving to Medtronic was quite a switch.
But definitely the right one!"

My name is Nancy de Smalen. I am a 32-year-old Medtronic employee. I am based in Eindhoven and I work for the Connect.Me℠ department as a Remote Sales Representative for the Coronary, Renal Denervation and Peripheral business, dealing with products such as catheters, stents and balloons.

I have been working at Medtronic since January, 2019. It was a great start to the new year!

Nancy about her position at Medtronic

For Coronary and Peripheral, I am the first Dutch Sales Representative in this innovative role. You could compare my job with the role of a regular account manager, with the benefit of not losing precious time on travelling. My work from the office is very efficient and I am always available for customers via email, telephone and/or video calls.

In our department there are four other colleagues working for different business units. We have the same role, but we’re responsible for another product range. We support each other where needed and collaborate where possible.


I obtained my Business Administration bachelor’s degree in Leisure Management in 2015. Before I started at Medtronic, I worked as a junior (remote) consultant for a company specialized in ERP. So, moving to Medtronic was quite a switch. But definitely the right one!

The MedTech industry was new for me. I am in a continuous learning curve since my start at Medtronic. There is a lot of room to develop myself in a professional way and I am encouraged to do so. I am focused on turning this role into a valuable addition to Medtronic in the Netherlands.

Most challenging in my current role

Every new role takes some time to convert to its final shape. This also refers to my role as a Connect.Me℠ representative. You can see the process as a challenge, but to be honest: it is also the fun part of it!

What I like most in my current job

There are many good aspects in my job. For example the short communication lines within the office, but also with the customers. But also the chance to work from an office environment with colleagues whom you can see on a daily basis, and the fact that not one single day is the same for me.

I also like the fact that I can partially shape my own role , since it is new and we are pioneering. And last but not least: Digital is the future!

What I like about working for Medtronic

I really like the fact that I am encouraged to develop myself in a professional way. I am, for example, starting a new marketing study (outside the company) shortly.

Remote Sales is a pleasant team to work in, with colleagues and managers who are very approachable and always there to help me in a constructive way. It makes me feel valued as an employee.

In this industry, you never get bored. My job comes with learning about never-ending and high-quality MedTech innovations, which I am sharing with customers to, in the end, help improve patients’ lives.

What ‘Further, Together’ means to me

Being there for our customers in a proactive way so that they can focus on their patients.

Next to my core tasks, I am part of the Medtronic Engagement Team. This team was set up last year with the goal to preserve the sense of togetherness at Medtronic in The Netherlands and to recognize the personal worth of all employees. I really like being involved in organizing events and activities in this framework.

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

That’s a tough one to answer. Because even though I have only been working for Medtronic since a year and a half, there are already a number of memorable experiences. I will pick one. The Patient Event is very remarkable: patients are invited, together with their physicians, to tell their personal stories about how Medtronic therapies improved their lives. These are such personal stories that I always find it very courageous of them to share their intimate experiences with an audience of around 2000 people.