Our employees in Supply Chain & Customer Care

Read the stories from our people in the SC & CC organization.

André, Head of the Logistics Competence Center for Europe, Middle East & Africa


"There is a patient behind everything we do, and the passion and drive of our people is impressive."

In my role, we help and support different people and teams to do everything right and efficient the first time. This contributes to our mission of improving the lives of our patients.

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Fahriye, Customer Service Representative


"Always putting the patients and our customers first."

I find the atmosphere and the fast-paced work dynamic of my job to be fulfilling. Additionally, being in a highly communicative role, I get the chance to be in contact with people all around the world, which I find exceptional.

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Dennis, Business Relationship Manager for RTG in Europe, Middle East & Africa


"My role is quite unique."

What I try to do every day, is clearly raising the voice of the customer (and the patient behind the customer) within our SC&CC organization. And by doing that, we help to build a more customer-centric culture.

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Hanneke, Customer Care representative


"With my work, I help patients to receive products or therapies which extend or improve their lives."

Working for Medtronic for me means working for people who are really in need of one of our products or therapies. The idea that, with my work, I contribute to these people receiving these products or therapies, thereby extending or improving their lives, is very satisfactory for me.

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Felix, Senior Supply Chain Analyst


“In my role, I connect with so many diverse international people.”

One of the aspects that I enjoy the most in my role, is having the chance to connect with so many diverse international people.

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Miranda, Senior Manager Inside Sales,
Customer Care & Service & Repair


“Taking decisions as if it is my own company.”

By means of a continuous improvement mindset, with the customer as our focal point, we can ensure that our patients can/will benefit from Medtronic products improving their quality of life.

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Bram, Customer Care Coordinator Emerging Markets


“Closing the geographical and cultural gap between the different regions in the emerging markets and our European Operations Center, is the biggest challenge in my role.”

What I like most in my role is to build a good relationship with my customers and with the related sales people in the field. When they are happy with my service, I’m happy as well.

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Marian, Program Manager Enterprise Operational Excellence - Master Black Belt


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Jari, Supply Chain Analyst


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Roel, Senior Manager Customer Care & Project Management


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Juerg, Senior Director Service & Repair


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