Leo - General Manager Bakken Research Center


Vice President & General Manager
Medtronic Bakken Research Center

Describe a typical day in your position

A typical day already starts when I am on my way to the office and call my assistant. She anticipates and partners with me to get things done. When I arrive at the office, I choose my desk/office based on the planned activities. At the Bakken Research Center (BRC), we work according to the innovative working concept, characterized by activity-based working. No one has a desk or office of his/her own, and neither do I. On a typical day, I can often be found in meeting rooms, talking to internal as well as external stakeholders. Moving from one meeting to another is a great opportunity for me to connect with colleagues and to respond to email messages. Our open and transparent office environment encourages and enables me to connect, to share and to meet. The day often ends with scheduled calls during my commute home.

Why do you enjoy working at Medtronic?

It is great to work for a company that is not only driven by a very strong Mission, but in which you meet people who share that passion for our Mission day after day. This is also consistently reflected in different internal and external survey results; people know the Mission and value working for a company like Medtronic. Besides that, the drive for unsurpassed quality in what we do, how we do it and what we deliver to our patients and physicians, is highly motivating to me.

What is challenging about your job?

In today’s rapidly changing globally competitive environment, companies have to be innovative in order to survive. Over the past few years, the Medtronic Bakken Research Center has been at the origin of important medical innovations. Looking ahead, we are constantly looking for new forms of innovation to pursue our innovative role within Medtronic as well as adapt to the future.

What do you appreciate most about Medtronic?

Next to being Mission driven, Medtronic offers plenty of opportunities for people to grow and develop. Being with Medtronic for over 21 years, I’ve been able to work in a great variety of departments and functions, allowing me to develop towards my current role. It is an international company with diverse business units, where people who have the ambition and ability, can move across functions and borders to develop themselves and reach their potential.

What do you love about your current location?

The Medtronic Bakken Research Center has been officially opened by Medtronic founder Earl Bakken and members of the Medtronic Extended Leadership Team on June 1, 1987. Throughout the years, the BRC became a campus of international talents (more than 30 nationalities), with a leading edge role in driving access to Medtronic therapies from idea to market adoption. Since 1987, the BRC is the biggest Research and Development Campus of Medtronic outside of the United States. At BRC, we work across multiple Medtronic business units, which enables us to share knowledge and promote best practices. Today, in the vicinity of Maastricht Airport and Maastricht University Medical Center, our Mission still guides our day-to-day work and plays a pivotal role in the consistent delivery of outstanding results in terms of contributing to the success of the EMEA region, Medtronic in general and most importantly: our patients.