Further, Together Citizenship

“We participate in global healthcare systems that face intense clinical and economic challenges. If not properly addressed, these issues can serve to undermine global growth and development and leave millions of people around the world untreated. No single entity in the healthcare system can solve these challenges alone. We’re committed to putting the full power of our technologies, resources, and our people to work with new partners, in new ways, to create a new era in healthcare. We’re proud of the value we provided in FY2017 and look forward to contributing even more in the future by partnering with others to take healthcare Further, Together.”

Omar Ishrak, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Case Study: Access

Can You Hear Me Now?

Seventeen-year-old Hina suffered pain from a chronic ear infection ever since perforating her eardrum at age nine. Like many others in her New Delhi, India, community, Hina never saw a doctor for her condition, and so it went undiagnosed, and untreated, for eight years.

Around the world, nearly 360 million people endure chronic ear infections and disabling hearing loss. In India, the problem is particularly pervasive — 77 percent of the population suffers from some form of hearing impairment due to a lack of health education or limited access to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists.

Our groundbreaking Shruti program (meaning “to hear” in Hindi) bridges this gap by equipping community health workers in poor urban neighborhoods in India and Bangladesh with ear screening kits. Led by Medtronic’s Surgical Technologies team and in partnership with 10 local and international organizations, the project also trains community health workers in the basics of ear anatomy and hearing loss conditions.

In 2014, Hina underwent a successful surgery through Shruti to reconstruct her eardrum, and now sees a specialist for regular checkups. Successfully recovered, Hina is currently pursuing her college degree and loves dancing to Bollywood songs with her friends.

We plan to expand the program through Southeast and South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to elicit a positive response from tens of thousands of patients to the life-changing query “can you hear me now?”

Case Study: Patient Safety

Quality Begins with Me

Ask anyone from Medtronic, “Who is responsible for product quality?” and you’ll hear the same response every time: “Me.”

After the integration of Medtronic and Covidien, we are building on our combined and proven histories of quality performance and product reliability. Covidien’s strengths in product quality highlight just how well-aligned our priorities and capabilities are, and how we can leverage the best of both companies.

In 2011, Covidien launched Quality Begins with Me. This program fosters long-term capability building among employees, empowering them to promote excellence and show individual leadership to achieve better product quality and flawless execution. This closely mirrors Medtronic’s long-standing commitment to individual responsibility for quality and product safety in every job function.

In FY2015, the Quality Begins with Me team received a Medtronic Star of Excellence Award, recognizing their extraordinary performance, innovation, and measurable results.

Built on the foundation of continual improvement, our integration with Covidien creates new opportunities to enhance systems and further embed quality into our culture. Across Medtronic, we rolled out new trainings and communications campaigns about our quality commitment, targeted information and education for different functional areas. The quality culture is reinforced through recognition for individuals who exemplify a personal responsibility for quality.

“Imagine what we could do for patients if each of us believes that quality begins with me,” says Joe Sapiente, Vice President of Global Quality Operations for the Minimally Invasive Therapies Group.

By sharing resources and best practices, we are confident the new Medtronic and our stakeholders will go further, together.

Case Study: Environment

Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Power Our Facilities

Fuel cells are innovative low-carbon energy solutions that reduce the climate impact of energy production. In November 2014, we proudly installed our first natural gas fuel cell system at our facility in Santa Rosa, California. Provided by Bloom Energy, the system generates low carbon energy by using fuel cells to convert natural gas into electricity. Each year, the fuel cell system will cut over 500 metric tons of carbon emissions generated by our site — the equivalent of taking 116 cars off the road — and save $2.3 million. As an added benefit, it will reduce electricity-related water usage by more than 3 million gallons.

“This installation symbolizes Medtronic’s long-standing commitment to energy conservation and doing right by the environment,” said Erik Kunz, Medtronic’s Director of EHS and Facilities in Santa Rosa. “We’re pleased to be the first facility in our company to adopt this exciting technology and bring its value to our triple bottom line.”