Our Shared Commitment Citizenship


We believe in creating a healthy world. Our commitment starts with delivering the highest quality products, therapies, and services to patients. Through a global network of partners — equally committed to improving health outcomes — we improve the health of millions of patients around the world.

As our impact grows, so does our responsibility. Our business strategy seeks to expand healthcare access to underserved populations. This includes those who cannot afford care, cannot travel to care, are undiagnosed, or lack an advocate within their local healthcare system.

We also strive to lead sustainably. The Integrated Performance Report provides a transparent overview of our financial, social, and environmental impact. The report details our commitment to addressing business and industry challenges, such as advancing ethical business practices, patient safety and product quality, responsible sourcing, and product stewardship along with increasing global access to care.

These efforts, paired with the philanthropic contributions through the Medtronic Foundation and financial and volunteer support from our business units, are how we support the creation of healthy communities in the areas in which we operate.