Value to Society Citizenship


For more than 60 years, we’ve been driven by our passion for healthcare technologies that change lives. Many people have benefited — and are alive today — due to our pioneering advances in medical technology. But countless others can’t access our products and therapies due to lack of funding or obstacles in their local healthcare systems.

No company or organization can solve the healthcare access problem on its own. However, by combining Medtronic’s inherent skills and expertise with the knowledge and capacity of local partners around the world, we can maximize our ability to make healthcare – as well as our groundbreaking technologies and therapies – as accessible as possible.

Patient Safety

Our innovations have the power to change lives. But they also must be safe. That’s why across our business we apply rigorous controls to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all products.

Our multi-talented team of Medtronic scientists, engineers, and clinicians are committed to our culture of accountability and excellence. And that commitment shows up in all facets of product development. From the way we develop new ideas, to how we conduct clinical trials and research, manufacture our products, and monitor them in use, we keep patient safety top of mind.

Community Investments

We devote a large portion of our community investments where need and lack of access to care are greatest. We also encourage our employees to donate their time and resources to these causes. Additionally, every year we support communities afflicted by natural disasters, by funding major relief organizations and donating health equipment and supplies.