Последствия вап

Рост смертности

  Attributable Mortality
Bekaert 20116 (30 day) 4.40%
Bekaert 20116 (60 day) 5.90%

Увеличение пребывания в клинике

  VAP Hospital LOS Control Hospital LOS Difference
Warren 20032 (p<0.001) 38 13 25
Rello 20023 (p<0.001) 25.5 14 11.5
Kollef 20055 (p<0.001) 23 7.5 15.5

Увеличение затрат на лечение

  VAP Costs Control Costs Difference
Warren 20032 (p<0.001) $70,568 $21,620 $48,948
Rello 20023 (p<0.001) $104,983 $63,689 $41,294
Kollef 20055 (p<0.001) $150,841 $25,218 $125,623

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