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 What is Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales?

Connect me

Medtronic Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales is:

  • A new multichannel approach –combining  traditional, digital and remote channels
  • An office-based sales force, offering direct access to a sales rep based in a Medtronic office
  • An easy, fast and remote purchase service
  • Access to product help and training through a variety of channels
  • A complement to the existing field sales team 

Who is the typical Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales Representative?


Carmen van Heeswijk

Remote Sales Manager 

A Medtronic representative is someone who:

  • can be reached by phone and email.
  • has the same knowledge as our field representatives.
  • has an in-depth knowledge of our products and who is skilled in all the digital tools we use.
  • works close to our field sales team
  • supports our customers in local language
  • can leverage multimedia channels and go beyond the traditional sales model.

What skills are needed to work with remote selling & what do you look for in a Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales Rep

Olivia Natens

Olivia Natens
Country Director Benelux

At Medtronic, we serve healthcare and hospitals, guided by our mission: to alleviate pain, restore health & extend lives.
For the remote sales team, we are looking for sales talents who are - by nature - driven, proactive & engaged, and have excellent communication & negotiation skills.
We are looking for digital natives who love to virtually engage with our various stakeholders in hospitals, via modern technology.
If that is you, we look forward to e-meeting you soon. 

Why remote selling?


Maud Vossen
Sr. HR Director

Since COVID-19, remote selling is the new imperative.  Luckily Medtronic already anticipated digital selling a while ago and hired very talented remote sales reps for our different business units.

Now it's time to accelerate this opportunity to increase our selling model's effectiveness and efficiency by hiring even more remote sales employees who make it happen.

We realize that it requires new capabilities, unique skills and employees willing to join us in this virtual transformation. 

How does a day of remote selling look like?


Ellie Xera
Remote Sales Representative 

A day of remote selling is a busy day. I have a lot of different responsibilities and I get to communicate with many professionals, both internally and at the hospitals.

 At the end of the day you feel satisfied because of all work that you did, you did it for the patients.

My motto - “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs

I feel grateful that I was given the chance to work for a company with a great vision; and be part of a fantastic team. 

Meet Kenneth, Remote Sales Manager


"I like being part of a global company like Medtronic, and to have colleagues all over the world with whom I have regular contact."

There is a significant share of trust within our team. My Manager fully trusts me to do my job and doesn't micromanage me or my decision-making. This gives me the confidence to go above and beyond.

More about Kenneth