Remote Sales Manager

Remote Sales

"I like being part of a global company like Medtronic, and to have colleagues all over the world with whom I have regular contact."

Kenneth about his position at Medtronic

I am a Nordic Remote Sales Manager for Respiratory Products.

I joined Medtronic two years ago. Me and my team are responsible for a product portfolio of respiratory products used within the Intensive Care Units at the hospitals.  

Kenneth about his job

I'm head of a sales team for Respiratory products. In my team, I have two very skilled sales reps responsible for our Nordic countries. 

Our business is nearly 100% tender driven, and I work closely with my colleagues in the Nordic Tender & Pricing team.

During the COVID-19 crisis, my team has been on the frontline to secure a steady stream of lifesaving products to combat the Covid-19 virus. Our products within Airways, Breathing, Inhalation Therapy, and Temperature Management are used for COVID patients and are vital to the hospitals in treating these patients.

With the crisis, the global demand for our products exploded. My role as a Nordic lead has been to coordinate and align with our production and supply chain. My sales team is doing the actual work, talking with Anesthetic Doctors and nurses and hospital purchasers to ensure they have the products they need to save patients' lives.

What I like about my job

There is a significant share of trust within our team. My Manager fully trusts me to do my job and doesn't micromanage me or my decision-making. This gives me the confidence to go above and beyond.

I try my very best to pass this on to my team. It is vital to me that we have a culture where everybody can raise their voice to whatever issue they have.

Some of the challenges with Kenneth's job

The Healthcare industry was entirely new to me when I joined the company, so I had to learn quite a lot. Not only about the products and how they work but also about human anatomy. For me, coming from bolts, nuts, electric circuits, and what have you, to learn how the pulmonary circulation works - was something VERY different. Luckily, Medtronic put a lot of effort into training their people. Sometimes, employees are trained over six months before they become active in sales. I find this very inspiring!

To have Medtronic as his employer 

For me, it was always a career aspiration to have an international job, travel, and see the world. I like being part of a global company like Medtronic, and to have colleagues all over the world with whom I have regular contact.

In RMS, our motto is: "Patient Safety in our hands." All companies, of course, deliver a product or a service which is important to someone. However, the products we provide in Medtronic/RMS is helping save real people's lives. 

Also, the atmosphere of the company is fantastic. I love the fact that no matter the cost, we always put the patient first. From top level CEO to Individual Contributors, everyone lives and breathes our Mission: To alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.