Key Account Operations Specialist


"Not knowing what my day will bring when
I come into the office, makes my job challenging!

Bennie about his position at Medtronic

I’ve just started in the new role of Key Account Operations Specialist. In this position,
I’m the dedicated key contact for our strategic customers to pro-actively make it easier for them to work with Medtronic.

Bennie's education and career path

I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the Fontys College in Eindhoven. In my early career, I was a sales person at an electronics shop and before I joined Medtronic, I worked as an Inside Sales representative.  At Medtronic, I started as a Senior Customer Care Representative and recently I have been promoted to Key Account Operations Specialist. 

What I like most in my current job

To contribute to the success of the Medtronic organization and to the success of the customer and eventually the patients. It’s fun to be in contact with both the customers and a lot of people within Medtronic. This really gives me the feeling that we can contribute!

What I like about working for Medtronic

In my role, I serve our customers at my best. I try to avoid any mistakes, because I know that an error on my part could endanger a patient. Besides that, I like to support the key accounts in improving our collaboration with customers. Improving this part, will also contribute to our mission.

Additionally, the employment terms are good and my colleagues are fun to work with. I don’t know what a day will bring when I come into the office which makes every day a challenge.

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

The annual Patient Event is a good way for Medtronic employees to see what’s behind everything we do. At this event, actual patients tell their stories, letting the employees know what benefits they got from our products. It’s good for every employee to see what the purpose of our work is every single day.