Territory Manager


"I get to meet all the fantastic people who work in the healthcare sector from all across Norway."

Endre about his position at Medtronic

I work with our ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) products, and I cover entire Norway. 

I usually spend my days at a hospital, either attending surgeries or teaching healthcare personnel how to use our products in a safe and secure way. For example, I support healthcare professionals, either before surgery or during surgeries, where our products are being used. I also arrange training sessions where I present our novel products for surgeons, nurses, and medical technicians’ personnel.

Since I’m alone working with ENT in Medtronic Norway, I’m collaborating closely with my Swedish colleagues. We share experiences and support and help each other. Usually, I’m ending my workdays at home, with emails and phone calls.

Endre's education and career path

I am the Territory Manager for ØNH/ENT in Norway. I live in the city of Bergen, and I am a nurse by education. Before I joined Medtronic 2 years ago, I held different sales roles in the Medical technology business. 

What I like about working for Medtronic

A lot of good things come with this job. I get to meet all the fantastic people who work in the healthcare sector from all across Norway. I enjoy teaching healthcare professionals how to use our products and to see how this helps them become even better at their jobs. What I also like is working closely with colleagues from many different countries.

Working for Medtronic gives me a great feeling of belonging to a world-leading company. We are a multi-national, big company, with many employees all over the world. Still, I feel confident in speaking up and that I can influence my job.

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

My most memorable experience so far is my trip to our ENT headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a great experience seeing our fantastic facilities and the impressive production of our products.

During Covid-19, it’s been very reassuring to see how Medtronic is a company that cares for the patients, healthcare professionals, and the employees.

Further together means that we all, Medtronic and our customers, work together to make life better for everybody.