Our employees in Supply Chain & Customer Care

Read the stories from our people in the SC & CC organization.

Fahriye, Customer Service Representative


"Always putting the patients and our customers first."

I find the atmosphere and the fast-paced work dynamic of my job to be fulfilling. Additionally, being in a highly communicative role, I get the chance to be in contact with people all around the world, which I find exceptional.

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Hanneke, Customer Care representative


"With my work, I help patients to receive products or therapies which extend or improve their lives."

For me, working for Medtronic means working for people who are really in need of one of our products or therapies. The fact that I contribute to these people receiving products or therapies, and thereby extending or improving their lives, is very satisfactory for me.

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Felix, Senior Supply Chain Analyst


“In my role, I connect with so many diverse international people.”

One of the aspects that I enjoy the most in my role, is having the chance to connect with so many diverse international people.

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Nicole, Manager Customer Care


"Knowing that there are so many people in the organization that really care, is very special."

Medtronic has so many capable and skillful employees that are working hard to make improvements. Everybody understands we are not selling just any product, but products that can change a person’s life.

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