Business Support Nordic

"When I first started over 8 years ago, I felt so welcome and was taken good care of - I immediately felt like part of the Medtronic family."

Pernille about her position at Medtronic

I'm the Supervisor for Business Support Nordic, the Reception and Shipping.

Pernille’s education and career path

I have an educational background from CBS with a degree in Commerce and Market Economy. After having finished the last part of my education, I started my career as a customer advisor at a medtech company where I stayed for 10 years, working in different roles.

Medtronic then hired me as a Sales and Marketing Support for the Spine business unit. When I returned from my second maternity leave, I got a new job in Marketing for all business units in the Nordic. I have now worked 2,5 years as Supervisor for the best team in the world.

What I like about working for Medtronic

At Medtronic, there is a special atmosphere between colleagues. When I first started, I felt so welcome and was taken good care of - I immediately felt like part of the Medtronic family. We are a fantastic team, and everyone wants to help where they can. So it's not all about Medtronic products, which are first class - it is definitely also the people working here.

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

When you have worked at Medtronic for over 8 years, as I have, you see that a lot has happened. We have been through several organizational changes that have taught me that it's never boring or stagnant to work for Medtronic.

My most recent biggest achievement at Medtronic was when our team, the Nordic Business Support Team was nominated and won the European Legal & Compliance Quarterly Quality Award for outstanding and persistent compliance performance throughout fiscal year 20. That gave the team and me a great sense of pride and recognition of our work.