Senior Manager Customer Care & Project Management

Supply Chain & Customer Care

"Creating a culture of openness and transparency."

Roel about his position at Medtronic

I am managing a team of project managers that are leading cross-functional projects for the Customer Care & Supply Chain EMEA organization (Europe, Middle East and Africa). In this role, I am responsible for managing the team performance, driving the development of the team members and overseeing the progress of the projects.

Roel’s education and career path

I finalized two bachelor programs, which means that I have bachelor degrees in Commercial Electrical Engineering and Technical Business Administration. After graduation, I joined Medtronic right away and I was lucky to have had the opportunity to take several steps in my career within the company up to now. This far, I have switched roles/positions around eight times already but I have noticed that even within the same role, there are many opportunities and changes possible.

What I like most in my current job

I love working with my team. Making sure all members of my team have the opportunity to develop themselves, therefore is my main focus. I like to create a culture of openness and transparency, share challenges and together discuss what would help to find solutions for these challenges. I get a lot of energy from the 1:1 conversations, team meetings, development conversations and updates that I have with my team.

What I like about working for Medtronic

There are several areas that make Medtronic an interesting employer. Firstly, contributing to the mission, making sure our products are reaching the patients every day, is something to be proud of. The next element that I like about Medtronic, is the dynamic environment. Medtronic changes and develops fast, resulting in many opportunities for personal development. The last element is more culture related. Medtronic treats its employees well by hosting activities that allow people to connect and have fun. 

My most memorable experiences at Medtronic

There are many memorable experiences within Medtronic, and there were some projects that I was a part of, of which I am really proud. However, I also particularly remember the first Patient Event which I attended, how impressed I was with the stories from the patients and the benefits of our products.