Student Worker Stories – Florian – Business Unit CVG


Student Worker
Business Unit CVG 
Copenhagen, Denmark

What is it like to have a student job at Medtronic?

I feel that I have learnt a lot. It’s been quite intense and a lot to take in, but already from the start, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. We are very close in our team.

One thing that I enjoy is that everyone treats me as a full employee, and as an adult and that’s amazing. Still they accept that I am a student and that I need some flexibility and that I sometimes cannot come because I have exams. That’s never any problem.

Was it what you expected it to be?

Not really. On my first day, I got the full package with a laptop, phone, Ipad, a workspace and I even got flowers. I was really surprised as I felt I was only a student.

The job tasks are quite impressive to be in a student job and I enjoy it very much, also the big responsibilities and the trust they have in me. If I do mistakes, it could mess things up big time – but of course I don’t.

When you are on Bachelor level, most companies can offer not so relevant work tasks but for me it is completely different. It’s way more and I have a lot of freedom in my job. I can come with ideas and suggestions and people listen to me and really engage in what I am saying.

I get empowerment and I get to develop and I feel very lucky.

What does the job bring to your studies?

I get the practical experience – combined with my studies it feels like I get it all. The job tasks are very relevant, and I can see myself doing something similar later.

How is it to juggle coursework, student activities, personal social lives, and have time to work as well?

You definitely need to be structured. I keep everything in my head, and that works well so far.

I was quite lucky to start in July and that gave me the summer to get into everything and understand how things work. So, when I was back at University in September, then I was already in a good work rhythm.

Still, my main reason for being in Denmark is to study and my studies will always come first.

What would you say would be the NO1 reason to get a part time job while at study?

I value the experience most, the things I see and the people I meet. Then I also value the money which actually enables me to study here in Copenhagen.



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