Gabriela- Student Worker Digital Communication - PR & communications department


Student Worker Digital Communication
PR & communications department
Copenhagen, Denmark

What is it like to have a student job at Medtronic?

I really enjoy working for Medtronic. It’s one of the world’s largest companies within its field and a very dynamic, diverse and international environment. For me, as a student in Innovation and Healthcare, it’s a very valuable resource.

Was it what you expected it to be?

I honestly couldn’t even imagine what it would be like.

What surprised me is that I am encouraged to make my own decisions and work things out myself and I expected to get the full recipe for work tasks. Of course, my manager checks my work, but, I am encouraged to figure things out myself and then take action. I like that, because it’s a sign of trust in my abilities and for me that is very important. I have now learnt that my skills and abilities are valued in the company.

What does the job bring to your studies?

As a student worker you get a lot of insights and inspiration for your studies and the cases and projects we do at University.  Not only that I learnt more about the industry and the patients – I also learnt lots about my own strengths and skills and I got to realize how relevant my education is.

Working in a relevant industry gives your studies a whole new perspective. At work, I get skills that I wouldn’t learn at university. For example, when we do projects at school, you can come up with any crazy solution – what you learn at work is to understand the constraints such as time, budget or legal framework. The industry perspective really puts you down to earth and you get an understanding of what is feasible and what isn’t.

How is it to juggle coursework, student activities, personal social lives, and have time to work as well?

I never imagined it in any other way and I like being busy, I guess. I never found it problematic to have a job, never even in the busiest exam periods. The job is very flexible, and you can always mix and match your days and activities

What would you say would be the NO1 reason to get a part time job while at study?

A student job is a good starting point for your career after your studies. It helps me putting all bricks in place and I can easily relate to the things that I learn at university.



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