Irma - Sr. Financial Analyst


Sr. Financial Analyst
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Why do you enjoy working at Medtronic?

I enjoy working at Medtronic mainly because we are making an impact on human lives, and the fact that we can be part of that is amazing. The moment when you tell people that you work at Medtronic and they share that they are alive because of one of our devices is breathtaking.

What do you love about your job?

I love everything about my job. It is very dynamic. I have contact with my peers around the world, which is amazing as we are able to do business partnering and benchmarking with each other. Not only do I have contact with my peers but with all the Latin America managers. This is an organization that respects you, your work and every idea that you can bring to the table.

How does Medtronic's Mission show in your day to day work?

In my day to day I live the mission by solving any issue that a patient order could have, entering prices into the system in order that it can be shipped to the patient without any delay. I help the logistic department if necessary to ensure that product gets to the hospital in a timely manner so that service is not affected. As we support the Diabetes business we see the outcome of the mission in every patient that calls us and comes to our office.

What is challenging about your job?

What is challenging is that every day we have to figure out a way to be more effective, so it's always changing and evolving. As the businesses are changing, we have to be on top of the game, by being creative and assertive.

What do you love about your current location?

What I love about San Juan, Puerto Rico is the weather, the location of the office which is in a commercial district giving the opportunity for all of us to easily have access to run errands, shop for miscellaneous and unexpected things in the mall, etc.

What is one random fact about you?

I'm a very honest, loyal, accountable, team player, like to help others and always go the extra mile.

What advice would you give to job candidates?

I recommend Medtronic 100%. It is a very passionate place to work and you make a difference helping others live a better life.